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Smiley faces and their meaning 

In chats and posts, you can use text symbols to convey your emotion. Below is a short list of the text symbols and what they mean. In some applications, the symbols will change to a graphic.

Note: Facebook will not convert the text symbol to a graphic on the initial post but will convert them on responses (Why I don't know)

      Converts text to a graphic
Text Meaning Facbook Yahoo
:%)%   Acne   No        
%-6   All mixed up   No        
O:-)   Angel          
0*-)   Angel wink - female   No        
0;-)   Angel wink - male   No        
:-{   Angry          
:-Z   Angry face   No        
:-{{   Angry very   No        
~:0   Baby   No        
~~\8-O   Bad hair day   No        
(::()::)   Bandaid   No        
d:-)   Baseball   No        
:~-(   Bawling   No        
:-){   Beard   No        
(:0{~   Beard - long   No        
: =   Beaver   No        
%-|   Been up all night   No        
:-)^<   Big boy   No        
(:-)   Big face   No        
:-)8<   Big girl   No        
:->   Big grin Happy   No        
(:-D   Blabber mouth   No        
?-(   Black eye   No        
(:-   Blank expression   No        
#-)   Blinking   No        
:-]   Blockhead   No        
:-! Bored   No    
\-0 |:(   Botox smiley   No        
:-}X   Bow tie-wearing   No        
:-#   braces   No        
%-6   Brain dead   No        
:^)   Broken nose   No        
:-(=)   Bucktoothed   No        
:-E   Bucktoothed Vampire   No        
:-F   Bucktoothed Vampire w/ fang missing   No        
:-C   Bummed out   No        
  bunny   No        
:-#|   Bushy Mustache   No        
}|{   Butterfly   No        
})i({   Butterfly   No        
:( )   Cannot stop talking   No        
}:-X   Cat   No        
=^.^=   Cat   No        
q:-)   Catcher   No        
C=:-)   Chef   No        
8^   Chicken   No        
;-(   Chin up   No        
*<<<<+   Christmas tree   No        
:-.)   Cindy Crawford   No        
*<):0)   Clown   No        
:-8(   Condescending stare   No        
O.o   Confused          
%-(   Confused   No        
(-}{-) Couple kissing   No    
H-)   Cross-eyed   No        
:'(   Crying          
:'-(   Crying   No        
:*(   Crying softly   No        
:'-)   Crying with Joy   No        
:'-(   Crying sadly   No        
&:-)   Curly hair   No        
:3   Curly lips          
:-@!   Cursing   No        
O-)   Cyclops   No        
:-9   Delicious   No        
3:)   Devil          
<:->   Devilish   No        
:-'   Dimple   No        
:-e   Disappointed   No        
^-}   Dizzy   No        
d[-_-]b   DJ with headphones   No        
:3-]   Dog   No        
:-))   Double chin   No        
:*)   Drinking every night   No        
:-B   Drooling out of both sides of mouth   No        
:#)   Drunk smile   No        
%-)   DrunkHappy   No        
%-(   Drunk sad   No        
.\/   Duck   No        
<:-|   Dunce   No        
:-6   Eating something spicy   No        
(:|   Egghead   No        
5:-)   Elvis   No        
:")   Embarrassed   No        
:-}   Embarrassed smile   No        
0/-)   Enjoying the sun   No        
>:)   Evil   No        
>-)   Evil grin   No        
:@   Exclamation "What???"   No        
>-)   Evil grin   No        
-@--@-   Eyeglasses   No        
|:-O   Flattop loudmouth   No        
=:-H   Football player   No        
:-!   Foot in mouth   No        
:-W   Forked tongue   No        
:^{=   Frank Zappa   No        
%*@:-)   Freaking out   No        
/:-)   Frenchman with a beret   No        
8)   Frog   No        
:(   Frown          
:-<   Frowning   No        
):-(   Frowning with hair   No        
:-/   Frustrated   No        
=:-)   Funny hair   No        
*:* Fuzzy   No    
*:*}   Fuzzy with a mustache   No        
:O   Gasp          
~~:-(   Getting rained on   No        
B)   Glasses          
8*)   Glasses and a half mustache   No        
(:-D   Gossip   No        
$_$   Greedy   No        
:D   Grin          
:OÞ   Grinning and sticking tongue out *type Alt +0222)   No        
>:(   Grumpy          
{:-) Hair parted in middle   No    
}:-)   Hair parted in middle sticking up on sides   No        
=:-)   Hair standing on end   No        
E-:-)   Ham radio operator   No        
:-})   Handlebar mustache   No        
:-)   Happy          
:)   Happy          
:'-)   Happy crying   No        
%-)   Happy drunk   No        
:-))   Happy real   No        
:-'|   Have a cold   No        
<3   Heart          
|"-)   Heavy eyebrows   No        
/;-)   Heavy eyebrows slanted   No        
|^o   Hepcat   No        
^5   High five   No        
  Homer Simpson   No        
(^~^!^)   Hot ass walking away   No        
*^_^*   Huge Dazzling grin   No        
(((H)))   Hugs   No        
%(@:-(   Hungover with a headache   No        
0]-<]"|   I am a skater   No        
%*}   Inebriated   No        
(|):-)=||+   Jewish blonde   No        
?:^D   Jim Carrey   No        
(8 {   John Lennon   No        
@:-)   Just back from hairdresser   No        
:-T   Keeping a straight face   No        
:)   Kid smiley   No        
^_^   Kiki          
\VVV/   King   No      
:*   Kiss          
:-X Kiss on the lips   No    
:-*   Kiss on the cheek   No        
>^,,^<   Kitty Cat   No        
~*=   Kitty running away from you   No        
:p   Kitty with tongue hanging out   No        
>:-| Klingon   No        
@(*0*)@   Koala   No        
%OD   Laughing like crazy   No        
:-D   Laughter          
(-:   Left hand   No        
?-:   Left handed tongue touching nose   No        
>;->   Lewd remark   No        
:-----)   Liar!   No        
:-9   Licking lips   No        
;-,   Like, Duh   No        
:-X   Lips are sealed   No        
8:-)   Little girl   No        
%-)   Long bangs   No        
%+{   Lost a fight   No        
|-(   Lost contact lenses   No        

If you hold the ALT key down and press a number, you will get a symbol. The following is the list of the symbols. 

Thanks goes to Kevin and Patricia for their input on these


For the full list of symbols from the keyboard, click here.

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